There is nothing more frustrating than smudged and greasy lenses. After all, the whole point of wearing glasses is to have crystal clear vision, which is particularly crucial when you are performing a task that requires your complete focus, like staring at a computer or driving. But even when you are not working, you still need to be able to see clearly and smudged lenses just don't do the job. Luckily there is a simple solution to this problem - anti-smudge lenses.

What are Anti-Smudge Lenses?

Anti smudge lenses have a special coating that protects it from fingerprints and smudges, making it a must-have for spectacle wearers. Thanks to these lenses, you no longer have to constantly be rubbing ineffectively at your lenses with the tail end of your shirt or handkerchief.

Interestingly, the technology behind anti smudge lenses came about after a survey conducted on a number of spectacle wearers highlighted this as a major issue for them. Anti smudge lenses work by having a special coating placed on top of the lens which stops smudges and dirt from sticking to the surface. In addition to protecting against fingerprints, the coating improves the strength and durability of the lenses, helping them to stay clean over time and also making them easier to clean.

What are the Benefits of Anti-Smudge Lenses?

If not having smudges on your lenses wasn’t enough of a selling point, the coatings on your lenses also ensures that your glasses stay cleaner for much longer and are more durable.

Anti-smudge lenses benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Clearer vision without smudges or dirt covering the surface of the lenses
  • Easier to to clean
  • Since you are not straining to see through fingerprints, there’s a reduction in eye strain

When Do You Need Anti-Smudge Lenses?

We all want clear and unimpeded vision for comfort and in some cases safety. Therefore preventing smudges from taking hold on your lenses is important to many.

You will benefit from anti-smudge lenses if you:

  • Work in a dusty environment (building site, farm, workshop…) where your hands are busy and you need clear vision
  • Wear your glasses every day where there’s a greater chance of them being smudged or picking up dirt
  • Take your glasses on and off regularly, making them susceptible to being covered in fingerprints
  • Live and work in a busy city with higher incidences of dirt and dust in the air, the lens coating stops accumulation of grime

If you wear glasses and think you could benefit from anti-smudge lenses, visit your eye-care specialist.

Fingerprints on your glasses all the time?

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